Make It Happen!

Yes, it’s goal setting month…but do you have 1 BIG goal that stands out for you?  If not, take some time to think about what that goal could be if you just dreamed big enough to bring it to realization!

Last year, I put the same goal in place that I had the year before, a title and pay promotion in my Rodan+Fields business that I was still working part-time (even as a six figure income earner). I printed out the picture to Maui, Hawaii which was part of the promotion as an incentive trip, figured out where I fell short the year before and decided that if I ran for it again in 2016, no doubt I would MAKE IT HAPPEN!

I planned more hours, planned for distractions and set backs, made my goal much higher than I needed it to be to make the promotion happen and focused completely on that higher goal refusing to allow the word “no” to stop me!

It’s so interesting what can happen when you change your mindset and don’t look back! This time around with the same situations around me, better planning, focus and a determination that I would for sure without a doubt hit the goal, I did!!

So….one more promotion and in front of me for 2017!  What would it mean for my family to achieve it?  A HUGE lifestyle change, even more time freedom, and solidifying my WHY in my business anyway which is leaving a legacy for my son as my business is placed in my will for him! The goal is in place with a smile on my face for the challenge ahead! Why not go for it?  Why not have fun with it? That is my mindset.

When you take the opportunity to grow residual income, you have the opportunity to go for it all in my business.  When you decide that your WHY is big enough and you dream bigger, then your job isn’t a job at all….it becomes a gift in which you are able to bless others around you.  My business has definitely done that for me and for many others around me with our leverage model pay plan, friendships made around the country (virtually in most cases), and most importantly for my family…and me!

A changed mindset is empowering, inspires more personal growth, and a greater sense of helping others!

Think about that 1 BIG goal you could set for yourself in 2017!

Make the decision to make it real!

Put it in front of you!  Put a plan in place and then a no-fail plan in place!

Pray about it!


Here’s to a healthy and prosperous 2017 for YOU & YOURS!

Stephanie Beck Williams, Elite Level V Rodan+Fields

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Monday Beach & Biz Tips!

Monday Beach & Biz Tip 🌞🏄 + 💻📲

*Beach Tip:
Now is the time to not only remember to put on broadband sunscreen on your face and body before you head out in the sun (driving, walking, the beach, the garden, etc)….but it’s also the time to keep a tube of Soothe #2 Sensitive Skin Treatment close by in case you get too much sun without time to reapply! It’s calms the redness immediately and feels great on the skin! It’s definitely a lifesaver at the beach!
(Rodan+Fields Skincare)

*Biz Tip:
“Empower others, and you empower yourself!”

[Empower (defined)
To give someone more confidenceand/or strength to do something, often by enabling them to increase their control over their own life or situation]
(Rodan+Fields Business Opportunity)

Not A Salesperson? Perfect!

Not a salesperson? Perfect!  If you are looking for opportunity, read more and if my business is a fit for you, let’s talk!

One of the things that I absolutely LOVE MOST about having a successful six figure income online social commerce business is that ALL I have to do is share the opportunity and share my websites…just like I would my favorite places to shop or my favorite Netflix series!

This is one of the reasons, my business, Rodan+Fields is the fastest growing premium skincare company in the U.S. AGAIN this year and in seven years has already entered the Top 4  premium skincare companies behind decade old companies, Este’ Lauder, Clinique, and Lancome.

As Rodan+Fields consultants are able to SHARE on the go around our lives!  We share our biz site for opportunity seekers and those looking for additional income and we share our product site for shoppers. Our world renowned doctors, Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathy Fields (also the founders of the multi-billion dollar brand, Proactiv) provide information about our business opportunity and products through videos and walk our customers through a skincare consultation before they shop! ALL online through our phones, iPads, or computers.  They also provide FREE nursing staff and customer service for questions.

Obviously, the other reason  we are growing in sales at way over 100% , is because of the strong before and afters happening every day… as we are transforming skin in a big way with dermatological skincare for the 4 major skin concerns (anti-aging, brown spots/sun damage, sensitivity, and acne) AND keeping people out of the doctors office!

We are bringing dermatology to the masses with an extremely lucrative pay plan that in 7 years has already produced multi-million dollar earners, six figure earners, and many part timers who are enjoying extra income for school, mortgage, car payments, and shoe money!

So…if you are NOT A SALES PERSON….PERFECT!  This business is a gift that we simply share with others to “check out”  because we love the company, the transformation of our own skin, the support, and the friendships as we are “Changing Skin and Changing Lives”.

If my business sounds like a possible fit for you, GREAT!!

Message me and let’s talk!


Dr. Rodan and Dr. Fields Business Introduction (opportunity) (products)






Why is Rodan+Fields the fastest growing premium skincare for the last 6 years?

Why is Rodan+Fields the fastest growing premium skincare for the last 6 years AND in “Top 4 Premium Skincare Brands” behind companies that are decades old like ClinIque, Este’ Lauder, and Lancome’?
Here’s WHY:
*A BRAND you can trust! (Namesake company of the doctors who created Proactiv, a multi-billion dollar global brand)
*We focus on ALL SKIN concerns for men and women.
*We are in the U.S. & Canada, and in 2016, Rodan+Fields will also be in Australia.
*We set our own hours as our own boss.
*We are completely online with zero inventory or delivery.
*We SIMPLY point and share!
*YOU have the opportunity for commissions, on-going/growing residuals, cash bonuses, trips, gifts and the Lexus car program.
*YOU have the opportunity for time freedom and financial freedom.
I am looking for fun, smart, and motivated partners to join me and my champion team of six figure income earners and Lexus Car Achievers, I call my “Lexus Nexus”. Let’s talk today! (opportunity) (products)


The Desire To Succeed Can Take You All The Way!

The success stories from my team in my business, which includes six figure income earners and million dollar earners, all have different backgrounds but all come with one motivation…the  desire to succeed by going after the entire pay plan that our company has put on the table for everyone.  Waking up with a positive attitude, passion in their hearts for our company and to help others, and a consistency to share the gift we have been given that allows us to make money while we sleep!  That’s the simple but dedicated strategy it takes to succeed in my business to create time and financial freedom.  We are building our business across the U.S. and Canada online and I would love to have you join me on this journey if I have described YOU! Take a look at my “Lexus Nexus” of champions and message me for a 10 minute call at

My Lexus Nexus of Six Figure plus Income Earners and Lexus Car Achievers

My Interview with Empower Magazine 2015

Thanks for reaching out to me, Maleeka Plummer, and featuring me in this article as your “Centerfold Exclusive” for Empower Magazine! I am going to archive it on my blog! Your questions were great and very introspective for me as a woman! (I also love the picture you dug up on me shot by Amy Phillips and Fairlight Hubbard back in the day!  It’s definitely inspiring me to get fit for Summer 😉


Want to work your J-O-B from the beach?

photo (5)

This is the last shot I took with a few of my friends and business partners in Palm Beach this past weekend on our Rodan+Fields team retreat.  What a weekend for me!  Forty-five people on my team from brand new Consultants to 10 Lexus Car Achievers (with 2 more in qualification) all got together to love, teach, support and empower one another to go after our goals and dreams, which we are all able to do from the beach because of the two amazing Proactiv doctors who developed another incredible brand and business with their namesake company, Rodan+Fields!

I have never experienced another J-O-B that pays it forward as a team and a company to such a degree!  Incredible stories were shared on the beach this weekend including one where our team and others in Rodan+Fields mobilized together to literally help save a partner’s life when he needed medical treatments paid for just to survive. His beautiful wife shared their story with her husband by her side!  We all celebrated with tears! That is the spirit of this company through and through!

Yes, this J-O-B also has an incredible pay plan that allows us to get paid multiple ways including the opportunity to earn a growing residual income with our at-home (or on the beach) online, zero inventory business with additional incentives like gifts, trips to Napa Valley, San Francisco, Maui, and Greece, not to mention monthly bonuses that are always on the table!  The best part, though, as we experienced this past weekend in Palm Beach, are friendships that are made from all around the country (and now Canada) from working together!

If you long for time freedom like I did, let’s talk!  I have a strong team of support of top income earners and we have a brand like no other with Rodan+Fields.

With the launch of a new break-through and patented anti-aging product called Acute Care that fills a wrinkle while you sleep, no needle required and our launch into our first global market in Canada beginning Feb. 2, I would suggest to you that NOW is the time begin your journey in Rodan+Fields as we are “Changing Skin and Changing Lives” and 2015 is on it’s way to being our biggest year to date!

So, Why wait?

Contact me at or


My Rodan+Fields Team Of Lexus Car Achievers Are Palm Beach Bound And Taking New Leaders With Us!


Does your job lift you up and cheer you on everyday to succeed, have fun and get ready for Palm Beach?

If it doesn’t…then you are really missing out on something special that I never knew existed in the working world, until Rodan+Fields!

For me, Rodan+Fields was an opportunity for time freedom to spend with my family, because I knew I could set my own hours, work in my pj’s, with an online, zero inventory, socially driven business!

After reviewing the pay plan and seeing that the financial opportunity in front of me was HUGE offering commissions, bonuses, and on-going and ON-GROWING residual income, it was a no-brainer for me to join the world renowned Proactiv doctors in their pre-global name sake company, Rodan+Fields!

What I didn’t realize was 2 big things when I joined Rodan+Fields!

One, I didn’t realize my life long acne problem would FINALLY come to an end with the ANTI-AGING Redefine regimen that I only tried to see if I could get the amazing results others did with their fine lines and evened-out skin tone.  What a shock for me!  I started looking younger and my cystic acne days are over!

Two, I didn’t realize  that I would meet amazing women that would encourage me daily to be the best I can be! Women (and men:) that go out of their way to support one another with the common goal of not only providing for our families, but truly enjoying our precious time with our families and friends!

This leads me to brag about my “Lexus Nexus” of Lexus Car Achievers that are on my team along with other Top leaders in my organization who have helped coordinate and incentivize our business partners with a team trip in January to Palm Beach!  These ladies and gents ROCK!  By working together as a team, we are helping our business partners grow their own Rodan+Fields business and earn a free team trip to Palm Beach!!

We are seeing amazing growth happen in our team and having too much fun along the way!

Time is precious!  As a business owner of 2 businesses with a son and family, time is everything to me! Because the pay plan of Rodan+Fields has allowed me to work part time and match my six figure income from my other business, while rewarding me with a starfire pearl Lexus convertible, and trip to Napa Valley, I now have my time freedom!  I have been able to put extra staff at my other business and watch my Rodan+Fields business continue to grow simply by sharing the opportunity, making new friends, and watching new leaders rise to the top!

Want to join us in Palm Beach?

Want to hear more about the Rodan+Fields opportunity?

Message me at

If You Love Being “On The Cutting Edge”…Read On!

Wikipedia describes “the cutting edge” as the highest level of development, as of a device, technique, or scientific field.

Women typically associate being “on the cutting edge” with trends and fashion as being not only up-to-date, but even being “post modern”.  No one is wearing it.  No one has it yet.  We are ahead of the Game.

This month, I have watched a new phenomenon happen in my online, zero inventory, zero delivery business, Rodan+Fields.

With the release of 1 single cutting edge product called Acute Care…

(Cutting Edge—->as we are the only ones who have it at Rodan+Fields, and as Google defines cutting edge “the latest or most advanced stage of development; innovative or pioneering”),

…women and men are seeing our business in a whole new  light!  Acute Care, with it’s micro liquid cone technology of two anti-aging ingredients:  hyaluronic acid and oligopeptides, literally fills an expression line while we sleep as these two ingredients melt into our wrinkle.  With a month’s use of Acute Care on the same area, clinical studies have shown the result to last 8-12 weeks with a 58% increase in the result, if using our Redefine regimen and Amp Md System.

This means goodbye needles, bruises, headaches and hello younger looking skin with ingredients already familiar to our bodies!

Not only does everyone we know want their hands on this product because of what Acute Care does, which is fill a wrinkle while you sleep without the use of a needle, but they also want their hands on owning their own Rodan+Fields business because people know that when innovation meets the marketplace and delivers in a big way, it means BIG BUSINESS!

(Can you say Proactiv?  These two fabulous doctors, Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathy Fields, created Proactiv and yes, are doing it again in their namesake company Rodan+Fields in the new social economy through the modern direct selling industry as pioneers in the anti-aging skincare industry)!

Take a look at my husband’s and my before and afters from our first use of Acute Care and you will see how easy it is to get passionate about sharing our products and our growing residual income business with others.

Before and After - 1 use Dan Before and After Acute Care

Rodan+Fields provides us time freedom and the financial means to really pay it forward to others through multiple charities we support!

Whether you are looking for this breakthrough wrinkle filling product OR an amazing financial opportunity, now is the time to talk!  We have a limited opportunity this month (one day) to purchase Acute Care before this product officially launches in January, so it’s the perfect time to put your business in motion and spread the word!  Not to mention, we have tons of fun doing our Rodan+Fields business on our terms at home with amazing friendships from all of the country!

Why Not You?  Why Not Now?

Message me at and I will send you info about Acute Care and Rodan+Fields!


The New Desk Job!


Women and men are taking notice that working from home in your pj’s and around your life is ever-growing!  Social media has really changed the balance of how we do business!  From working with corporate to owning your own business, you can actually work and enjoy your life at the same time…from home!

If you are like me and love “no brainer opportunities” then we should talk! 

The business model in my business allows you to do your work on the go and gives you your own opportunity to grow your income without waiting on a raise from the boss!

In five years many of us are earning 6 figure incomes with our own hours and some have already reach millionaire status.  If you are too busy AND/OR really looking to change your financial future, YOU are exactly who is succeeding in my business!  I fell into the “too busy” crowd, but knew I could not miss the boat while my company is in it’s early stages of growth and I wanted TIME FREEDOM! 

What boat, you ask? 

The two female doctors, Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathy Fields, who created Proactiv, are doing it again with their namesake company Rodan+Fields.  You know if they did it once creating a billion dollar world-wide brand, they will do it again!  This time we get to share in the profits as independent consultants who work completely online with zero inventory, delivery or parties! 

Rodan+Fields is a name you can trust in the multi-billion dollar industry of skincare and anti-aging!  We have a leverage model of women and men that work together as a team allowing you the opportunity to build a substantial on-going and on-growing income of residuals. 

This is the new desk job!  It could also be the freedom you are looking for be it time freedom or financial freedom!

So, don’t miss the boat! 

Find out more about our lucrative pay plan and award-winning products by messaging me at  See our before and afters at

Stephanie Beck William, Lexus Car Achiever and Time Freedom Lover in Rodan+Fields

Model and Talent Agent and Skincare Consultant