Carving Out The Time To Create “Time Freedom”

As a busy mom and business owner, time freedom was a huge goal for me!  Realistically,  in a uncertain economy, I knew that is wasn’t something I could achieve unless…well…I worked harder!  The secret, though, was to work SMARTER!

The decision to begin a second online, zero inventory business in direct sales, may have seemed a little crazy to some, but I knew that I had the opportunity of a lifetime sitting in my hands, if I wanted it.   A jewel to treasure for years to come!

Having the opportunity to partner with two world renowned doctors, who had already built a global billion dollar brand and planned to do it again with a new company that bears their names was a no-brainer for me!

I had seen the success of timing in direct sales through a former boss of mine 14 years ago, who not only had tremendous time freedom, but became a millionaire in direct sales having joined her business before the company went global and had a million-plus consultants in the company.   At the time, I had no idea that over 80% of all women who produce 7 figure incomes do it in direct sales.  However, it did cross my mind that I was joining the first direct selling business to enter into direct sales with name recognition and a proven global brand to their names.  How exciting!

My immediate goal became carving out time to build my business.  Starting with 5 hours a week from home before and after hours, I began to grow my business little by little.  As, my income was growing, so was my enthusiasm!  I knew that the consistency to simply share my business would one day afford me to opportunity to reach my initial goal, which was time freedom.

Once I had built up enough income to hire staff to take over my duties at my other business that I owned, my residual income in my direct selling business was also in a place where it continued to grow.

Believing I could do it, the “smart work” I added to my life is paying off in more ways than I could have ever imagined!  My residual income continues to grow, as well as my self development and my friendships around the country.   These additional benefits have really enriched my life!

Best of all….taking the chance and carving out the time to work an amazing direct selling business alongside the busy life I already had going on, has now created exactly what I was looking for…”Time Freedom”!


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