Building A Successful Business Vs. Hitting The Lottery!


When you truly want to work on your own terms and own a business, be sure to remind yourself that you are not putting money down one time, crossing your fingers after you announce you are in business to the world, and waiting for your magic number to be announced that you have now hit the lottery! 

Most successful business owners can tell you a few things about their hits, almost hits, their misses and their big misses.  Yes, this is one more reminder that hard work, perseverance, consistency, passion, and a belief in yourself can take a small personal investment and turn it into a booming business for yourself! 

I have personally followed this model twice with two successful businesses I own.  I put in a small investment, believed in myself, had passion for what I am doing, and then did the not so always fun part….the hard work of being consistent with my actions when no one is paying attention, listening, or caring only to find out later that in fact, many people are watching, listening, and caring!  People come to you to do business when they are ready in their time, not ours.  

I like to say that I love partnering with passion and I have learned that others feel the same way! 

So, remember this when you begin a new business!  You started your business because you have a strong belief that you can have a successful business.  Carry that strong belief in yourself and follow it through on a day to day basis with a business plan of consistent actions for several years …not just a day or two, a month or two, or with one or two actions!  Expect to have ups and downs as you grow your business, remembering you did not sign up for the lottery and you will watch the fruits of your labor continue to grow into a successful and fulfilling business!


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