Super Busy? If So, Then You Should Consider Becoming The 12th Free Lexus Achiever In My Business!

As a super busy mom and business owner, why in the world would I not only consider but join a direct-selling business almost four years ago adding one more thing to my plate?

Here’s Why:

I was in desperate need of TIME FREEDOM but didn’t want to sacrifice my income to obtain it.

I learned that 82% of WOMEN who earned 6 figures or more did so in direct sales.

I LOVE opportunities for additional income that have a proven history of success!

I was introduced to an incredible direct selling business in the pre-global stage founded by the doctors who created Proactiv called RODAN+FIELDS, which I knew was a best selling skincare brand previously for NORDSTROM! I knew that if they did it once with Proactiv as the number one global acne brand, they could do it again with their namesake company, Rodan +Fields!

My One Question Before Joining:

What kind of support can I get to grow my business since I am so super busy?

The Answer:

So much abundant support that you actually get to pick and chose what you want to plug into to grow your business on your own time! Weekly National Calls, Training Sites, Apps, and One-on-One support if you want!

With 11 FreeLexus Achievers on my team, you can’t go wrong with strong support every step of the way!!

I also discovered that since my business is online with zero inventory, that as long as I open my mouth and share this amazing business opportunity and products with proven results with people I know and meet, I could go far simply from sharing Rodan+Fields while I am on the go in the midst of my busy life!

The Best Part:

I was able to match my six figure income, gain the time freedom I was seeking, and empower others and myself personally by working with like minded women who lock arms to help each other grow! Not to mention, I am having the best skin of my life and the time of my life!

So, if you are super busy like me, let’s talk about helping YOU earn your own free Lexus while you are on the go!



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