Jane Is On Her Way Today To An All Expense Paid Trip to Napa Valley With Rodan+Fields! Congrats!!


As one of the 11 Lexus Achievers on my Rodan+Fields team, Jane has now earned a new trip she is headed to today, a new FREE Lexus, and a new birthday scarf to take with her as she heads to Napa Valley and San Francisco to celebrate her birthday and the growth of her business in Rodan+Fields!  Partnered with the doctors who created Proactiv, my friend and personal business partner, Jane Bulick knew when she joined Rodan+Fields that if the doctors did it once with Proactiv, which is a global multi-billion dollar brand, they are certain to do it again with their namesake company, Rodan+Fields!  This time, however…..we get to profit with doctors Katie Rodan and Kathy Fields through:

1. Retail and Auto-ship Commissions

2. Personal Team Commissions

3. Team Residuals

4. Bonuses including cash, free iPad, trips, AND a free Lexus! 

These incentives are all on the table with our online business that requires, zero inventory, zero delivery, zero parties!  We save the party for our free trips that we can earn to Napa Valley, Maui, and Paris!

18+ in age can join us as we share our amazing skincare products that address the 4 major skincare concerns of dermatology:

1. Anti-aging

2. Sun Damage & Brown Spots

3. Acne

4. Sensitivity, Rosacea, Hyperpigmentation, Redness

Jane is a role model of what is possible for you in Rodan+Fields at any age!  

So, Why Not You?

We are setting up points of distribution around the U.S in our pre-global stage and growing our businesses socially by simply:

1. Sharing the business opportunity

2. Sharing our clinically proven, award-winning products!

Whether you want it all in our compensation plan, extra spending money, or just great skin…

It’s available for you to work full-time or part-time on the go or at home.

Contact me to learn how to get started! 

Email:  stephaniebeckwilliams@gmail.com or dantalentgroup@gmail.com



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