Got Residuals?

Dan Steph biz cardIf so…then you have what I call “mail box money” or as I use to call my hubby’s residuals “stupid money” (with a big smile on my face 😉

In fact, residual income is quite the opposite!  It’s about the SMARTEST way to make money out there!  Why?

Because residual income is a passive income.  One effort creates a check that can continue to come in the mail for what can be many many years.

Take my husband, Dan Williams for example.  He is a music producer/singer/songwriter/musician.  He has written tons of songs including a #1 song, “Don’t You Know How Much I Love You” for Ronnie Milsap from years ago that still brings in residual income for him.  But even bigger…are the commercials he writes, thousands of them that typically run for 6 months to a year.

Two commercials in particular that ran on TV and Radio for over 20 years, “Red Lobster For The Seafood Lover In You” and “Mama’s Got The Magic Of Clorox 2” produced years and years of residual income for our family.

That means one time in studio equals mail box money for every station, city, and time those commercials play over and over again.

Ellen DeGeneres even sang the Clorox 2 commercial as part of her act when she was doing stand-up comedy while she was “meditating” because “Mama’s Got The Magic” was so well known and played on the air so much she couldn’t get it out of her head!

So, if your TV show is in syndication like Seinfeld and continues to run on television, or you have a song playing on the radio, or a best-selling book…then HURRAY!!! YOU’VE “GOT RESIDUALS”!!

But if you don’t and you WANT RESIDUALS, you may want to consider what my husband touts as even better than a music industry residual…our online direct selling business, Rodan+Fields.

Rodan+Fields is the namesake company for the two world renowned doctors that created the multi-billion dollar brand, Proactiv Solution.

Yep!  This means BIG BUSINESS is an option for you, because this time we get to partner and profit with the doctors!

Q:  Why does my hubby say that residuals in our direct selling business is better than the music biz?

A:  “Our direct selling residuals in Rodan+Fields are even better than my music biz ones for two reasons”, Dan says.

“One, because unlike the music business where eventually the residual dwindles down as the airplay decreases, in direct sales you have the opportunity, as we have had, to watch your residual income grow year after year with the growth of business partners and customers that join you in business!  Two, you are not on your own to have to produce in direct sales.  You have a community of people.  Our team is a lot of people doing a little bit that really support each other to help meet each other goals in business”.

Of course, I couldn’t agree more!

As a small business owner, and artist myself, I have had the luxury of receiving residuals for a time as a singer or an actor from airplay all over the world.  However, as many people know that run  small businesses, being a talent agency owner is economy dependent, requires a lot of time and money and completely relies on the phone to ring or an email to come in to produce income.

Our direct selling business, on the other hand, is recession proof, is an extremely low investment and is in “our hands” to produce income.  As a matter of fact, our first set of million dollar earners started their business right when the economy tanked in 2008.

This gives true meaning to the phrase “smart money”!

As the doctors say, “We are all aging, all the time”.  The number one skincare concern globally is “Anti-Aging”, which is a multi-billion dollar industry and is growing fast.

Rodan+Fields  is for everyone with skin with consumable products that deliver real results,  as one would only expect from these two doctors.   We know that if the doctors did it once with a #1 global brand, they are bound to do it again.   This time with us!

As a free Lexus Achiever and six figure earner in the business myself, I know that the sky is the limit in our business as we are in our pre-global stage in the U.S. and headed to our first international market, Canada in August 2014.

So, when you grow your business simply by “sharing” and watch your residual income grow by the hands of others doing the same, it’s not only rewarding, it’s relaxing!!


It’s also a great way to feel empowered as your own boss with an online, zero inventory, zero delivery, and zero “party” business that you can will to your family or even sell down the road.

You run your business on your own terms working part-time or full-time.

Dan and I are looking for partners all over the country and in Canada as well, who are wanting to earn “smart money” to share our Rodan+Fields business opportunity with today.

So, if you Want Residuals….

Contact us and we will share all of the fun we are having in Rodan+Fields with you!



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