Not A Salesperson? Perfect!

Not a salesperson? Perfect!  If you are looking for opportunity, read more and if my business is a fit for you, let’s talk!

One of the things that I absolutely LOVE MOST about having a successful six figure income online social commerce business is that ALL I have to do is share the opportunity and share my websites…just like I would my favorite places to shop or my favorite Netflix series!

This is one of the reasons, my business, Rodan+Fields is the fastest growing premium skincare company in the U.S. AGAIN this year and in seven years has already entered the Top 4  premium skincare companies behind decade old companies, Este’ Lauder, Clinique, and Lancome.

As Rodan+Fields consultants are able to SHARE on the go around our lives!  We share our biz site for opportunity seekers and those looking for additional income and we share our product site for shoppers. Our world renowned doctors, Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathy Fields (also the founders of the multi-billion dollar brand, Proactiv) provide information about our business opportunity and products through videos and walk our customers through a skincare consultation before they shop! ALL online through our phones, iPads, or computers.  They also provide FREE nursing staff and customer service for questions.

Obviously, the other reason  we are growing in sales at way over 100% , is because of the strong before and afters happening every day… as we are transforming skin in a big way with dermatological skincare for the 4 major skin concerns (anti-aging, brown spots/sun damage, sensitivity, and acne) AND keeping people out of the doctors office!

We are bringing dermatology to the masses with an extremely lucrative pay plan that in 7 years has already produced multi-million dollar earners, six figure earners, and many part timers who are enjoying extra income for school, mortgage, car payments, and shoe money!

So…if you are NOT A SALES PERSON….PERFECT!  This business is a gift that we simply share with others to “check out”  because we love the company, the transformation of our own skin, the support, and the friendships as we are “Changing Skin and Changing Lives”.

If my business sounds like a possible fit for you, GREAT!!

Message me and let’s talk!


Dr. Rodan and Dr. Fields Business Introduction (opportunity) (products)







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