Monday Beach & Biz Tips!

Monday Beach & Biz Tip 🌞🏄 + 💻📲

*Beach Tip:
Now is the time to not only remember to put on broadband sunscreen on your face and body before you head out in the sun (driving, walking, the beach, the garden, etc)….but it’s also the time to keep a tube of Soothe #2 Sensitive Skin Treatment close by in case you get too much sun without time to reapply! It’s calms the redness immediately and feels great on the skin! It’s definitely a lifesaver at the beach!
(Rodan+Fields Skincare)

*Biz Tip:
“Empower others, and you empower yourself!”

[Empower (defined)
To give someone more confidenceand/or strength to do something, often by enabling them to increase their control over their own life or situation]
(Rodan+Fields Business Opportunity)


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