Make It Happen!

Yes, it’s goal setting month…but do you have 1 BIG goal that stands out for you?  If not, take some time to think about what that goal could be if you just dreamed big enough to bring it to realization!

Last year, I put the same goal in place that I had the year before, a title and pay promotion in my Rodan+Fields business that I was still working part-time (even as a six figure income earner). I printed out the picture to Maui, Hawaii which was part of the promotion as an incentive trip, figured out where I fell short the year before and decided that if I ran for it again in 2016, no doubt I would MAKE IT HAPPEN!

I planned more hours, planned for distractions and set backs, made my goal much higher than I needed it to be to make the promotion happen and focused completely on that higher goal refusing to allow the word “no” to stop me!

It’s so interesting what can happen when you change your mindset and don’t look back! This time around with the same situations around me, better planning, focus and a determination that I would for sure without a doubt hit the goal, I did!!

So….one more promotion and in front of me for 2017!  What would it mean for my family to achieve it?  A HUGE lifestyle change, even more time freedom, and solidifying my WHY in my business anyway which is leaving a legacy for my son as my business is placed in my will for him! The goal is in place with a smile on my face for the challenge ahead! Why not go for it?  Why not have fun with it? That is my mindset.

When you take the opportunity to grow residual income, you have the opportunity to go for it all in my business.  When you decide that your WHY is big enough and you dream bigger, then your job isn’t a job at all….it becomes a gift in which you are able to bless others around you.  My business has definitely done that for me and for many others around me with our leverage model pay plan, friendships made around the country (virtually in most cases), and most importantly for my family…and me!

A changed mindset is empowering, inspires more personal growth, and a greater sense of helping others!

Think about that 1 BIG goal you could set for yourself in 2017!

Make the decision to make it real!

Put it in front of you!  Put a plan in place and then a no-fail plan in place!

Pray about it!


Here’s to a healthy and prosperous 2017 for YOU & YOURS!

Stephanie Beck Williams, Elite Level V Rodan+Fields

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