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“Teamship is group of people who come together as friends with a common goal of lifting each other up to succeed.” -Stephanie Beck Williams

I partner with Passion!

As an Artist, I love to create!

As an Agent, I love to help passionate and compassionate people discover their dreams!

As a Lexus Car Achiever and six figure income earner as an Independent Consultant with Rodan+Fields, I not only love being partnered with the two world renowned doctors who revolutionized the acne market with a multi-billion dollar brand and are on their way to doing it again with Rodan+Fields, but I also love being partnered with smart savvy women and men who join us in our online zero inventory business, Rodan+Fields, who are passionate about building financial and time freedom!


It’s the power of leverage and residual income that is a game changer!

Learn more at  stephaniewilliams.myrandf.biz 

email: stephaniebeckwilliams@gmail.com

Here is my Rodan+Fields Story:

As a business owner of a successful model and talent agency and as a professional singer, I have learned that when “Opportunity Knocks, Open The Door”!  Coming from a residual back ground in the music industry, it didn’t take long for me and my husband, Dan Williams, who is a music producer, writer and singer as well to say, “Yes” to Rodan+Fields!  We know the power of residual income can last for years to come as we have seen with songs we have both written and sang, including famous commercials that my husband wrote, produced and sang on such as, “Red Lobster For The Seafood Lover In You” and “Mama’s Got The Magic Of Clorox 2” , both of which produced residual income for him for over 20 years.

When Dan mentioned to me that partnering with Rodan+Fields can be an even bigger and better residual income than in the music industry, I listened!  Dan mentioned that unlike a music residual which is predominantly the effort of one and doesn’t continue to grow year after year, with Rodan+Fields we would have the opportunity to build a growing a residual through the leverage of a team that will not only last for years but has the ability to grow year after year!  The brand recognition that comes with Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathy Fields made my decision to partner with Rodan+Fields a no-brainer, especially knowing that my Rodan+Fields business can provide future income for my son as an asset that can be willed or sold.

Prior to starting my own business 14 years ago, I worked for another lady that was never in the office. I quickly learned my first month working for my former boss, why my boss had time freedom to do whatever she wanted, when her fax machine printed out nearly an entire pack a paper with names and numbers and a total earnings of $25,000 plus for the month for a different business than the one I was working for and sitting in each day. The next month same time of the month the fax machine printed out an even bigger income earnings statement of  $26,000, then $27,000 the next month etc.  This was my first and only exposure of how direct selling can continue to grow an on-going and on-growing income. So, when Rodan+Fields was introduced to me and I heard that Rodan+Fields is the namesake company of the two Proactiv doctors, the fax machine was the very first image that popped into my head. I knew I was just given a gift to grow an a residual income on my own terms and on my own time just like my former boss had done from home, without the brick and mortar that comes with most businesses and with a huge opportunity to earn a  residual income that can continue to grow and grow!

Today, I am a six-figure income earner in Rodan+Fields, a Lexus Car Achiever, and I continue to earn trips, cash bonuses and gifts from Rodan+Fields. I have gained friends from all over the country who all support one another in our amazing business, I have been empowered tremendously with self improvement and development as a woman business owner, and I finally have the one thing I was really look for…time freedom to spend with my family!

But, guess what?

Little did I know that I would have one additional success story that I would be able to share with Rodan+Fields, as a person who suffered from cystic acne when I joined Rodan+Fields. At the time of joining, I could only take prescriptions to clear up my skin. Nothing else worked.  However, I was dying to try the Redefine Anti-aging regimen to reduce fine lines and wrinkles and to even out my skin tone just like all of the before and after pictures I was seeing from Rodan+Fields consultants and customers.  I figured I would use the regimen until my face broke out and then go back to taking my prescriptions. What a huge surprise it was for me to see my skin transform completely and to receive compliments on my skin for the first time in my life! I have been prescription free since joining Rodan+Fields, and I will say to you that my skin is the best business card that I have to share how Rodan+Fields is a win-win for me and my family!

I am looking for partners across the country to join me on our amazing journey of “Changing skin and changing lives” in our at home online business.  If you are looking for an opportunity, I would love to chat!  Email me at stephaniebeckwilliams@gmail.com and we can set up a time to talk by phone or virtually.

“Teamwork makes the dream work”

So ask yourself…Why not you?  Why not now!


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