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If You Love Being “On The Cutting Edge”…Read On!

Wikipedia describes “the cutting edge” as the highest level of development, as of a device, technique, or scientific field.

Women typically associate being “on the cutting edge” with trends and fashion as being not only up-to-date, but even being “post modern”.  No one is wearing it.  No one has it yet.  We are ahead of the Game.

This month, I have watched a new phenomenon happen in my online, zero inventory, zero delivery business, Rodan+Fields.

With the release of 1 single cutting edge product called Acute Care…

(Cutting Edge—->as we are the only ones who have it at Rodan+Fields, and as Google defines cutting edge “the latest or most advanced stage of development; innovative or pioneering”),

…women and men are seeing our business in a whole new  light!  Acute Care, with it’s micro liquid cone technology of two anti-aging ingredients:  hyaluronic acid and oligopeptides, literally fills an expression line while we sleep as these two ingredients melt into our wrinkle.  With a month’s use of Acute Care on the same area, clinical studies have shown the result to last 8-12 weeks with a 58% increase in the result, if using our Redefine regimen and Amp Md System.

This means goodbye needles, bruises, headaches and hello younger looking skin with ingredients already familiar to our bodies!

Not only does everyone we know want their hands on this product because of what Acute Care does, which is fill a wrinkle while you sleep without the use of a needle, but they also want their hands on owning their own Rodan+Fields business because people know that when innovation meets the marketplace and delivers in a big way, it means BIG BUSINESS!

(Can you say Proactiv?  These two fabulous doctors, Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathy Fields, created Proactiv and yes, are doing it again in their namesake company Rodan+Fields in the new social economy through the modern direct selling industry as pioneers in the anti-aging skincare industry)!

Take a look at my husband’s and my before and afters from our first use of Acute Care and you will see how easy it is to get passionate about sharing our products and our growing residual income business with others.

Before and After - 1 use Dan Before and After Acute Care

Rodan+Fields provides us time freedom and the financial means to really pay it forward to others through multiple charities we support!

Whether you are looking for this breakthrough wrinkle filling product OR an amazing financial opportunity, now is the time to talk!  We have a limited opportunity this month (one day) to purchase Acute Care before this product officially launches in January, so it’s the perfect time to put your business in motion and spread the word!  Not to mention, we have tons of fun doing our Rodan+Fields business on our terms at home with amazing friendships from all of the country!

Why Not You?  Why Not Now?

Message me at and I will send you info about Acute Care and Rodan+Fields!