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My Rodan+Fields Team Of Lexus Car Achievers Are Palm Beach Bound And Taking New Leaders With Us!


Does your job lift you up and cheer you on everyday to succeed, have fun and get ready for Palm Beach?

If it doesn’t…then you are really missing out on something special that I never knew existed in the working world, until Rodan+Fields!

For me, Rodan+Fields was an opportunity for time freedom to spend with my family, because I knew I could set my own hours, work in my pj’s, with an online, zero inventory, socially driven business!

After reviewing the pay plan and seeing that the financial opportunity in front of me was HUGE offering commissions, bonuses, and on-going and ON-GROWING residual income, it was a no-brainer for me to join the world renowned Proactiv doctors in their pre-global name sake company, Rodan+Fields!

What I didn’t realize was 2 big things when I joined Rodan+Fields!

One, I didn’t realize my life long acne problem would FINALLY come to an end with the ANTI-AGING Redefine regimen that I only tried to see if I could get the amazing results others did with their fine lines and evened-out skin tone.  What a shock for me!  I started looking younger and my cystic acne days are over!

Two, I didn’t realize  that I would meet amazing women that would encourage me daily to be the best I can be! Women (and men:) that go out of their way to support one another with the common goal of not only providing for our families, but truly enjoying our precious time with our families and friends!

This leads me to brag about my “Lexus Nexus” of Lexus Car Achievers that are on my team along with other Top leaders in my organization who have helped coordinate and incentivize our business partners with a team trip in January to Palm Beach!  These ladies and gents ROCK!  By working together as a team, we are helping our business partners grow their own Rodan+Fields business and earn a free team trip to Palm Beach!!

We are seeing amazing growth happen in our team and having too much fun along the way!

Time is precious!  As a business owner of 2 businesses with a son and family, time is everything to me! Because the pay plan of Rodan+Fields has allowed me to work part time and match my six figure income from my other business, while rewarding me with a starfire pearl Lexus convertible, and trip to Napa Valley, I now have my time freedom!  I have been able to put extra staff at my other business and watch my Rodan+Fields business continue to grow simply by sharing the opportunity, making new friends, and watching new leaders rise to the top!

Want to join us in Palm Beach?

Want to hear more about the Rodan+Fields opportunity?

Message me at


If You Love Being “On The Cutting Edge”…Read On!

Wikipedia describes “the cutting edge” as the highest level of development, as of a device, technique, or scientific field.

Women typically associate being “on the cutting edge” with trends and fashion as being not only up-to-date, but even being “post modern”.  No one is wearing it.  No one has it yet.  We are ahead of the Game.

This month, I have watched a new phenomenon happen in my online, zero inventory, zero delivery business, Rodan+Fields.

With the release of 1 single cutting edge product called Acute Care…

(Cutting Edge—->as we are the only ones who have it at Rodan+Fields, and as Google defines cutting edge “the latest or most advanced stage of development; innovative or pioneering”),

…women and men are seeing our business in a whole new  light!  Acute Care, with it’s micro liquid cone technology of two anti-aging ingredients:  hyaluronic acid and oligopeptides, literally fills an expression line while we sleep as these two ingredients melt into our wrinkle.  With a month’s use of Acute Care on the same area, clinical studies have shown the result to last 8-12 weeks with a 58% increase in the result, if using our Redefine regimen and Amp Md System.

This means goodbye needles, bruises, headaches and hello younger looking skin with ingredients already familiar to our bodies!

Not only does everyone we know want their hands on this product because of what Acute Care does, which is fill a wrinkle while you sleep without the use of a needle, but they also want their hands on owning their own Rodan+Fields business because people know that when innovation meets the marketplace and delivers in a big way, it means BIG BUSINESS!

(Can you say Proactiv?  These two fabulous doctors, Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathy Fields, created Proactiv and yes, are doing it again in their namesake company Rodan+Fields in the new social economy through the modern direct selling industry as pioneers in the anti-aging skincare industry)!

Take a look at my husband’s and my before and afters from our first use of Acute Care and you will see how easy it is to get passionate about sharing our products and our growing residual income business with others.

Before and After - 1 use Dan Before and After Acute Care

Rodan+Fields provides us time freedom and the financial means to really pay it forward to others through multiple charities we support!

Whether you are looking for this breakthrough wrinkle filling product OR an amazing financial opportunity, now is the time to talk!  We have a limited opportunity this month (one day) to purchase Acute Care before this product officially launches in January, so it’s the perfect time to put your business in motion and spread the word!  Not to mention, we have tons of fun doing our Rodan+Fields business on our terms at home with amazing friendships from all of the country!

Why Not You?  Why Not Now?

Message me at and I will send you info about Acute Care and Rodan+Fields!


Got Residuals?

Dan Steph biz cardIf so…then you have what I call “mail box money” or as I use to call my hubby’s residuals “stupid money” (with a big smile on my face 😉

In fact, residual income is quite the opposite!  It’s about the SMARTEST way to make money out there!  Why?

Because residual income is a passive income.  One effort creates a check that can continue to come in the mail for what can be many many years.

Take my husband, Dan Williams for example.  He is a music producer/singer/songwriter/musician.  He has written tons of songs including a #1 song, “Don’t You Know How Much I Love You” for Ronnie Milsap from years ago that still brings in residual income for him.  But even bigger…are the commercials he writes, thousands of them that typically run for 6 months to a year.

Two commercials in particular that ran on TV and Radio for over 20 years, “Red Lobster For The Seafood Lover In You” and “Mama’s Got The Magic Of Clorox 2” produced years and years of residual income for our family.

That means one time in studio equals mail box money for every station, city, and time those commercials play over and over again.

Ellen DeGeneres even sang the Clorox 2 commercial as part of her act when she was doing stand-up comedy while she was “meditating” because “Mama’s Got The Magic” was so well known and played on the air so much she couldn’t get it out of her head!

So, if your TV show is in syndication like Seinfeld and continues to run on television, or you have a song playing on the radio, or a best-selling book…then HURRAY!!! YOU’VE “GOT RESIDUALS”!!

But if you don’t and you WANT RESIDUALS, you may want to consider what my husband touts as even better than a music industry residual…our online direct selling business, Rodan+Fields.

Rodan+Fields is the namesake company for the two world renowned doctors that created the multi-billion dollar brand, Proactiv Solution.

Yep!  This means BIG BUSINESS is an option for you, because this time we get to partner and profit with the doctors!

Q:  Why does my hubby say that residuals in our direct selling business is better than the music biz?

A:  “Our direct selling residuals in Rodan+Fields are even better than my music biz ones for two reasons”, Dan says.

“One, because unlike the music business where eventually the residual dwindles down as the airplay decreases, in direct sales you have the opportunity, as we have had, to watch your residual income grow year after year with the growth of business partners and customers that join you in business!  Two, you are not on your own to have to produce in direct sales.  You have a community of people.  Our team is a lot of people doing a little bit that really support each other to help meet each other goals in business”.

Of course, I couldn’t agree more!

As a small business owner, and artist myself, I have had the luxury of receiving residuals for a time as a singer or an actor from airplay all over the world.  However, as many people know that run  small businesses, being a talent agency owner is economy dependent, requires a lot of time and money and completely relies on the phone to ring or an email to come in to produce income.

Our direct selling business, on the other hand, is recession proof, is an extremely low investment and is in “our hands” to produce income.  As a matter of fact, our first set of million dollar earners started their business right when the economy tanked in 2008.

This gives true meaning to the phrase “smart money”!

As the doctors say, “We are all aging, all the time”.  The number one skincare concern globally is “Anti-Aging”, which is a multi-billion dollar industry and is growing fast.

Rodan+Fields  is for everyone with skin with consumable products that deliver real results,  as one would only expect from these two doctors.   We know that if the doctors did it once with a #1 global brand, they are bound to do it again.   This time with us!

As a free Lexus Achiever and six figure earner in the business myself, I know that the sky is the limit in our business as we are in our pre-global stage in the U.S. and headed to our first international market, Canada in August 2014.

So, when you grow your business simply by “sharing” and watch your residual income grow by the hands of others doing the same, it’s not only rewarding, it’s relaxing!!


It’s also a great way to feel empowered as your own boss with an online, zero inventory, zero delivery, and zero “party” business that you can will to your family or even sell down the road.

You run your business on your own terms working part-time or full-time.

Dan and I are looking for partners all over the country and in Canada as well, who are wanting to earn “smart money” to share our Rodan+Fields business opportunity with today.

So, if you Want Residuals….

Contact us and we will share all of the fun we are having in Rodan+Fields with you!


Super Busy? If So, Then You Should Consider Becoming The 12th Free Lexus Achiever In My Business!

As a super busy mom and business owner, why in the world would I not only consider but join a direct-selling business almost four years ago adding one more thing to my plate?

Here’s Why:

I was in desperate need of TIME FREEDOM but didn’t want to sacrifice my income to obtain it.

I learned that 82% of WOMEN who earned 6 figures or more did so in direct sales.

I LOVE opportunities for additional income that have a proven history of success!

I was introduced to an incredible direct selling business in the pre-global stage founded by the doctors who created Proactiv called RODAN+FIELDS, which I knew was a best selling skincare brand previously for NORDSTROM! I knew that if they did it once with Proactiv as the number one global acne brand, they could do it again with their namesake company, Rodan +Fields!

My One Question Before Joining:

What kind of support can I get to grow my business since I am so super busy?

The Answer:

So much abundant support that you actually get to pick and chose what you want to plug into to grow your business on your own time! Weekly National Calls, Training Sites, Apps, and One-on-One support if you want!

With 11 FreeLexus Achievers on my team, you can’t go wrong with strong support every step of the way!!

I also discovered that since my business is online with zero inventory, that as long as I open my mouth and share this amazing business opportunity and products with proven results with people I know and meet, I could go far simply from sharing Rodan+Fields while I am on the go in the midst of my busy life!

The Best Part:

I was able to match my six figure income, gain the time freedom I was seeking, and empower others and myself personally by working with like minded women who lock arms to help each other grow! Not to mention, I am having the best skin of my life and the time of my life!

So, if you are super busy like me, let’s talk about helping YOU earn your own free Lexus while you are on the go!