Model & Talent Agent Tips

Your Professional Image Matters!

This means your hair, face, skin, teeth, nails, body need to always look their best!

If you are not taking care of yourself, your skin, etc., you will loose opportunties that could be right in front of you, or even be fired from set which I have seen happen!

You should have a healthy weight and lifestyle for longevity in the model and talent business!  When you look tired, run down, unhealthy a client will not that to reflect their product (the booking).  Stay healthy physically and spiritually!

Your “industry standard” photos should ALWAYS be current and should look not over or under edited!  All professional photographers are not talent industry photographers, so look for those who work in our industry to shoot your photos if you are 5 and over!  The moment your photos do not look like you, they are no longer submitted to casting and clients for jobs.

Your Attitude Matters!

Your attitued matters with your agent :), with casting, on-set around talent and with your family who is dropping you off or walking in with you as a minor to sign in to an audition or be on set with you.  A bad attitude can keep you from getting booked and a great attitude is infectious and everyone will want to be around you!  NO HIGH MAINTENANCE TALENT OR PARENTS ALLOWED is really what is running through casting, production and even agency’s minds when having to deal with lots of people and lots of personalities every single day!

Never Forget … “Dance With The One Who Brought You”!

Loyalty serves talent well in this industry because you truly will have someone who has your back short and long-term with things you want to hear, things you don’t but need to hear and things you what to share.  I’ve seen a lot of talent end in the same place they started because the grass was only temporarily greener on the other side…

Have A Heart For People Other Than Yourself!

You have to be strong in this industry!  You do have to pay attention to yourself and take care of yourself, but if you apply that same logic to other people around you as well, you will even be stronger in the business and as a person, because of the allies you have forged around your career and your life!




Model and Talent Agent and Skincare Consultant

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