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Why is Rodan+Fields the fastest growing premium skincare for the last 6 years?

Why is Rodan+Fields the fastest growing premium skincare for the last 6 years AND in “Top 4 Premium Skincare Brands” behind companies that are decades old like ClinIque, Este’ Lauder, and Lancome’?
Here’s WHY:
*A BRAND you can trust! (Namesake company of the doctors who created Proactiv, a multi-billion dollar global brand)
*We focus on ALL SKIN concerns for men and women.
*We are in the U.S. & Canada, and in 2016, Rodan+Fields will also be in Australia.
*We set our own hours as our own boss.
*We are completely online with zero inventory or delivery.
*We SIMPLY point and share!
*YOU have the opportunity for commissions, on-going/growing residuals, cash bonuses, trips, gifts and the Lexus car program.
*YOU have the opportunity for time freedom and financial freedom.
I am looking for fun, smart, and motivated partners to join me and my champion team of six figure income earners and Lexus Car Achievers, I call my “Lexus Nexus”. Let’s talk today!
http://stephaniewilliams.myrandf.biz (opportunity)
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The Desire To Succeed Can Take You All The Way!

The success stories from my team in my business, which includes six figure income earners and million dollar earners, all have different backgrounds but all come with one motivation…the  desire to succeed by going after the entire pay plan that our company has put on the table for everyone.  Waking up with a positive attitude, passion in their hearts for our company and to help others, and a consistency to share the gift we have been given that allows us to make money while we sleep!  That’s the simple but dedicated strategy it takes to succeed in my business to create time and financial freedom.  We are building our business across the U.S. and Canada online and I would love to have you join me on this journey if I have described YOU! Take a look at my “Lexus Nexus” of champions and message me for a 10 minute call at stephaniebeckwilliams@gmail.com.

My Lexus Nexus of Six Figure plus Income Earners and Lexus Car Achievers