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The New Desk Job!


Women and men are taking notice that working from home in your pj’s and around your life is ever-growing!  Social media has really changed the balance of how we do business!  From working with corporate to owning your own business, you can actually work and enjoy your life at the same time…from home!

If you are like me and love “no brainer opportunities” then we should talk! 

The business model in my business allows you to do your work on the go and gives you your own opportunity to grow your income without waiting on a raise from the boss!

In five years many of us are earning 6 figure incomes with our own hours and some have already reach millionaire status.  If you are too busy AND/OR really looking to change your financial future, YOU are exactly who is succeeding in my business!  I fell into the “too busy” crowd, but knew I could not miss the boat while my company is in it’s early stages of growth and I wanted TIME FREEDOM! 

What boat, you ask? 

The two female doctors, Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathy Fields, who created Proactiv, are doing it again with their namesake company Rodan+Fields.  You know if they did it once creating a billion dollar world-wide brand, they will do it again!  This time we get to share in the profits as independent consultants who work completely online with zero inventory, delivery or parties! 

Rodan+Fields is a name you can trust in the multi-billion dollar industry of skincare and anti-aging!  We have a leverage model of women and men that work together as a team allowing you the opportunity to build a substantial on-going and on-growing income of residuals. 

This is the new desk job!  It could also be the freedom you are looking for be it time freedom or financial freedom!

So, don’t miss the boat! 

Find out more about our lucrative pay plan and award-winning products by messaging me at stephaniebeckwilliams@gmail.com.  See our before and afters at


Stephanie Beck William, Lexus Car Achiever and Time Freedom Lover in Rodan+Fields