Team “Spotlight”


Success takes a mindset of belief in yourself! Surrounding yourself with uplifting, positive people is a strong way of achieving not only personal success, but a shared success with others that enriches and blesses multiple lives.

Here is the “Spotlight” on some of my amazing business partners in Rodan+Fields that make up our “teamship” and bless my life daily:


Paige Akers, Executive Consultant -Rodan+Fields

Paige Sims Akers became a R+F Consultant in October 2013 when she was looking for a solution for her teenage son to treat occasional breakouts but additionally found an opportunity she intuitively knew was what she had been waiting to happen for years. Partnering with the doctors who created Proactiv in their new anti-aging and skincare business was intriguing to Paige, after all it is based on solid research of products to help people address specific needs and produces significant ongoing results. This was speaking language that she understood as a clinical pharmacist.
Paige has practiced as a pharmacist for nearly 20 years and has had a variety of successful career experiences. She chose pharmacy as a profession as a way to reach out and interact with people to help them take care of themselves and help them make informed choices about their health. She currently works full time as a clinical pharmacist on a team taking care of Cystic Fibrosis patients and their specialty pharmacy needs. She has always been a leader to take on projects and positions that required “thinking outside the box”. Paige has worked in retail pharmacy, hospital pharmacy, pharmacy industry as a Medical Liaison, and in academia as a teacher. She recently held the responsibility of Associate Dean of Student Affairs at a College of Pharmacy where she recruited and mentored pharmacy students as they prepared for their careers. Paige focused on encouraging teamwork among students and colleagues and using one’s strengths to make career and life decisions.
Through all of her amazing career experiences, there was something missing for Paige. She has worked for many bosses with varied management styles, but Paige knew that her best boss was herself. If she had the time freedom to be a Mom and a wife and a friend while still accomplishing her career goals, then she could be more successful in all of those roles. According to Paige, “When someone else is your boss, they set the priorities for how you spend your time. I feel that I am the best judge of how I ultimately work to be efficient and effective in all that I do. Sometimes that just doesn’t fit into an 8am to 5pm time frame.” Now that her two children are in middle school and high school, they are busier than ever and that need for time freedom is more important to her. “I don’t want to just be present for certain events my kids are involved in and enjoying, I want to be there to be a part of their lives as they experience it,” Paige states. She is grateful to have a supportive husband in her career and life choices.
The first 7 months as an R+F consultant have been a time of learning, training, and refocusing for Paige. “I appreciate Stephanie’s support as a business partner to help me find the best path for getting started in R+F,” she says. Paige is building a team of leaders who she wants to accompany her on this journey of starting a new business. She admits that besides time freedom, her “Why” for building this business is to reconnect with friends and make new friends who she can be her true self when she is with them and be the friend that she has not been able to be while being so focused on a career in pharmacy. “I have to believe in what I do. I have a hard time instructing or motivating others to do something that I don’t first understand or believe in myself. But once I have a passion for it, I want to share it with everyone around me,” Paige shares. She was able to see what the Unblemish regimen could do for her teenage son’s skin that prescriptions and hard-to-find facial wash and moisturizers could not do. The Redefine regimen has proven itself with Paige as well since she has received multiple unsolicited compliments on her skin after just the first 30-60 days of beginning to use it. Paige was “all in” from the first day of beginning as an R+F Consultant and is ready to embrace this as her full time career. She says, “Coaching others and building my own business has been a dream of mine for a long time. Rodan and Fields has come along at just the right time to provide the opportunity to do both.”

537332_10151965236762232_70579932_nSamantha Watson, Rodan+Fields Independent Consultant

Samantha Watson, from the Orlando, Florida area, is a Registered Dental Hygienist by trade, but once her family started growing, she and her husband made the decision for her to be a stay-at-home mom. “With all my heart, I wanted to be at home with our children, to be actively engaged with their schooling and not miss out on spending time with them on a daily basis”, says Samantha.  When she heard about the Rodan + Fields opportunity she saw it as a way to still be a contributor to their family while she was home.  Her R+F business provides the time flexibility she needs while raising 4 children.  She gets to participate in school activities and field trips, be a classroom mom, and be there with her kids at the end of the school day.

With the success of her R+F business, she is able to fund a local ministry as well.  Samantha says, “Having a community based ministry that our kids actively participate in is very important to my husband and me.  Teaching our kids to help serve the needs of others is one of those life lessons we hope to instill in them at their young ages. I’m very thankful that my business provides this for us.”

Rodan + Fields has also provided a means for personal and professional growth for her.  Being able to develop a network of business relationships with successful women and men has stretched her beyond the daily demands of motherhood and has both challenged and rewarded her greatly.  She loves the friendships she has made through the years and truly values the opportunity to support her team’s successes, as well as being cheered on to obtain her own goals.  The inspiration she gets from helping and encouraging others reach their goals, whether the goal is achieving better skin or more flexibility with their time and money is beyond words…. and it’s FUN!

“I get really excited about what I’ve experienced with Rodan + Fields and I want that for others.  It’s hard not to share it!!”`

~ Samantha Watson


Leigh-and-Brent-BarnesLeigh and Brent Barnes

Since day one, we both caught the vision for R+F, although my husband Brent wasn’t able to join me full time until recently. Brent is a former tax CPA and investment advisor. At only 48 years old, he’s already retired due to our involvement with Rodan + Fields®. I’ve been an entrepreneur for more than 20 years and now at 41, I am more successful than I’ve ever been. And having more fun than I thought possible.

As soon as he was introduced to the opportunity, Brent caught the vision and I immediately jumped right in. And, like all things worth doing, it didn’t just happen overnight; it took a real commitment to building this business and a full utilization of my entrepreneurial talents, but in just a few short years we created a business that benefits not only our own family, but numerous others as well.

In my former life, I owned a wedding veil manufacturing company, two bridal stores and oversaw a large staff.  In 1997, when I was only 27, my company was named Small Business of the Year for the city of Memphis, Tennessee as awarded by the CPA firm Ernst & Young.  These experiences combined with Brent’s recognition of how a Rodan + Fields direct sales opportunity could have truly unlimited potential, gave us the tools and the vision to become a powerful force for sharing this opportunity with others. Today, I do what I love with the support of my husband and have time with my family to really enjoy our amazing success.

Leigh and Brent Barnes
RFx Executive Consultantship and 2014 RFx Circle Achievers
Three Time Achievers


Karon Beasley – Rodan+Fields Independent Consultant

I am on full time disability.  I am allowed to earn some income.  I have been taking over 20+ meds multiple times each day since 1998. Lupus, Sjogren’s. RA .  There are days on end that I can’t get dressed, but I can do Rodan+Fields from the couch or my bed! 

So when people tell me they can’t – I know they can.  Prior to getting sick, I was a marketing trouble shooter for an Atlanta Based Property Management Company where I leased up properties so fast (which was the goal) so the company could sell.  I was also a spokesperson for conventions and did a lot of modeling prior to getting sick.  I really enjoyed it!

Having said all of that, sometimes I get down wondering what I would have become if I were healthy.  Rodan + Fields and the way it is set up – opens that door to be successful!  Which for me…simply means hope!

One of my favorite quotes is “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world”.  As an Independent Consultant in Rodan+Fields with the two doctors who created Proactiv, I feel like I am doing just as my favorite quote suggests and what our company motto is by “Changing Skin and Changing Lives”!


Jane and I sharing our Rodan+Fields Lexus Celebration together
Jane and I sharing our Rodan+Fields Lexus Celebrations together.

JANE BULICK  “Lexus Achiever in Rodan+Fields”

Jane’s motto is to do small things with great love.

When several of her friends, who happened to be Rodan + Fields® Independent Consultants on the same team, asked for help in growing their customer base, Jane Bulick made every effort to help and became a customer. Jane heard about the Company in a Single Mom’s Support Group meeting at her church. Her friends were real estate agents who had launched Rodan + Fields businesses when the housing market plunged in 2008 and encouraged her to try the products. Jane had
no idea that lending a hand would lead her down the path to a new career managing her own skincare business. “I’m bolder and feel
more empowered to continue assisting my team members build their business,” says Jane about growing her business.

When asked what drives her to achieve goals and develop her team, Jane quotes Mother Teresa: “We can do no great things, only small things with great love.” Jane believes that key communications strategies like memorizing 30-second introductions, one-liners and closing comments help her new Consultants become leaders. “I tell
my new Consultants that growing EC Legs starts with roleplaying,” says Jane about the importance of forming small groups to practice interview language skills. Jane urges Consultants to roll up their sleeves and create a list of prospects and rank them 1 to 10, watch Level v Leader presentations, read motivational books and even boost morale when team members become discouraged.  Source: Rodan+Fields Spotlight On Success Business Addition Q4-2013


West coast native Nicole Larossi is finishing her degree for Media Communication at Middle Tennessee State University she enjoys working in every aspect of production. Nicole has recently taken on a fantastic growing company, Rodan+Fields and she plans to succeed in that career and be a stay at home mom.

Nicole served 4 years in the Airforce as a C17 mechanic when she had a stroke and decided to slow her life down a bit return to school and teach yoga. She received her 200-hour teaching certification through Savannah Yoga Center in Georgia, and her Unnata Aerial Yoga teaching certification through Unnata Aerial Yoga, in New York. She also trained briefly under Jae Jesse with Phoenix Rising Yoga in Texas. She quickly found herself teaching yoga and chasing her dream as a film maker by enrolling in Middle Tennessee State University’s Media Communication program. She is now selling and recruiting for an amazing skin care company Rodan+Fields.

When Nicole is not doing freelance work in the entertainment industry, recruiting new business partners, teaching, or studying, she enjoys spending time with her two beautiful children, taking ballroom dance lesson, and playing with her puppy. Nicole practices yoga and dances to renew her body, focus her mind, and uplift her spirit. She says she will always be a student of life, and looks forward to inspiring others on their personal journey as well.


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  1. All of you are amazing ladies. I spoke with Jane Bulick in a warm and friendly conversation a few weeks ago regarding the R&F business and I cannot wait to get started with Rodan and Fields. Thank you Jane! Leah Barnes’ knowledge and commitment to the company has convinced me to become a consultant. Thanks Leah and Jane. God Bless.

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