“Try Me” Awareness Campaign For Adoption


I am committed to making a difference for kids waiting to be adopted in the United States.  As an adopted child,  I realize the blessings and dreams that come true for adopted children.

Hundreds of thousands of children, right here in our country, are waiting to be adopted.  Many of those children hoping for parents are even up to the age of  17 years old.

One way that I have been able to help is to build the self-esteem and confidence of orphans, foster children and foster teens by teaching them modeling and acting skills in a group setting at their temporary homes.  It is a true blessing for me and I am always on the hunt for more groups to teach!

After seeing a heart-breaking database of thousands of children and teens pictures in the United States who are waiting to be adopted, I was devastated.

As a talent agent of many years, I am use to seeing kids pictures who are wanting to book modeling and acting jobs.  After clicking on adoption photo listings, I found myself staring and crying at smiling faces who are simply hoping and praying for PARENTS!

It was an eye-opening experience for me!

I am dedicated to increasing the awareness to the public that over 100,000 kids RIGHT HERE in our own country need parents.  Many kids in our own country who need loving homes get overlooked because of the their age and have been in the system for years.

I know that our giving nation would do more if they knew more!

Take a look for yourself with the national adoption photo list link below…. AND…SPREAD THE WORD!!!!


I began the campaign for orphans and foster children, called “”Try Me” with my husband Dan to work to bring even more awareness to these beautiful faces, who are simply asking  “”Try Me””.

In honor of the late, James Brown,  my husband came up with the idea for me to record the song, “Try Me” as an adopted child myself, to coincide with these national photo lists that are out there as one more way to bring attention to the kids in our country who want and need to be adopted.

When you see the powerful images of smiling children hoping for a family along with listening to the powerful lyrics of James Brown’s song, “Try Me”…. it’s as if the words of the song are coming out of the waiting children and teen’s own hearts and speaking to ours.  You can listen to the song by clicking on the “Try Me” photo at the top of this page.

Please visit adoption websites to learn how to adopt children of all ages right here in the United States, AND  SHARE with everyone you know who loves children!



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